Tor Browser Android Not Working

Tor Browser Android Not Working

If the Tor Browser on your Android phone isn’t working right, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll show you how to fix the problem and get the app back up and running. We’ll also give you some tips on how to stay safe and secure while using Tor to browse the web.

How Does Tor Browser Work?

Tor Browser is a web browser that is open source and is based on Mozilla Firefox. It was developed to safeguard your anonymity while you browse the internet. Your traffic is encrypted while being routed through a network of servers that are managed by volunteers, preventing other people from tracking your actions and protecting your privacy. 

Disabling browser plugins and scripts that can be used to track and monitor your online behaviour is one of the additional features included in Tor Browser. Tor Browser also includes other tools that help you fight yourself against tracking and spying.

Why The Tor Browser Doesn’t Work On Android

Android doesn’t have the features needed to run the TOR browser, so the TOR browser doesn’t work on Android. The TOR browser needs an operating system with advanced security and privacy features, like the ability to create virtual networks. These features are not available on the Android operating system. Also, the TOR browser needs to be connected to the internet, which is hard to do on Android devices because most of them are connected to a cellular network, which doesn’t offer the level of privacy that the TOR browser needs.

1. TOR Browser Stops Working

You might have trouble with TOR Browser crashing, and getting a crashed page is very common. Programming, on the other hand, is fine. When the right operating systems are used together, Tor Browser works better. You might have trouble running TOR Browser on Android, but it works well on IOS.

If nothing else worked, you have no choice but to reinstall the TOR browser. This will get rid of all the junk files and registry entries that could cause the app to start working again after you reinstall it, so it’s important to fix these problems.

So, you might have these problems, and I’ll tell you how to solve them.

  • If it takes a while for the TOR Browser to load, it’s because your internet connection is slow. TOR can slow down the internet by 90%. Try to use your phone’s data instead of wifi.
  • When Android users try to open a website, they run into problems. The best thing to do in that case is to restart your phone or tablet, which will bring back all your data.

It is very important to clear the cache often. You can get rid of information from the play store.

3. Change System Clock Time

Connection problems are common. Because the clock is not set right. Tor Browser needs a certain time to connect, which can sometimes cause chaos. This problem can be fixed by making sure that everyone is on the same time zone.

4. Issues With Ip Address

When you use TOR, you get a new IP address that is different from the one you used before. This can cause trouble if you don’t get a new IP address. But you need to find out what your IP address is right now. To find out the current IP address, go to website and click on the magic wand icon in the upper right corner of the address bar.

Here you can see your IP address. You can now compare it to the one you had before. Also, if you have problems, it’s very easy to run your browser by just removing TOR Browser.

5. Having Trouble Logging In

If you can’t get in, it might be because of problems with the proxy connection. Your security check is another reason. Many secure websites always try to find your IP address and check your browser’s security in the background.

But when you use the Tor browser, your IP doesn’t have any new information, so the system thinks it’s a suspicious IP and won’t let you log in. These are common on websites that use Google V3 Authentication process. Here, you need more than 0.5 points (probably human).

So, if a website won’t let you rate it, try logging in with a different IP address or your Chrome browser.

Tor Browser Android Not Working

6. It’s Not Frequently Updated

But, using the Tor browser is the most effective method for anonymously navigating the internet without leaving any traces behind. Yet, there is a price to pay for it. The developers of the Tor browser do not update it as regularly as they might, which makes it more difficult to open a website with updated designs as well as javascript and language codes. Because of this, their updates cannot be relied upon and are not effective in keeping up with the changing environment.

7. Ssl/Tls Communication

There is a possibility that you will have trouble signing in to your TOR browser, and there must also be some odd complications. In the event that you are unable to log in to the TOR Browser, it is possible that the software will be unable to connect to the TLS Handshake with the authority.

Tor Browser Is Unable To Load.

You want to download Tor Browser or update it, but it takes an interminable amount of time for the download to begin or for the software to be completely downloaded because it simply won’t load. The next step for many people is to make a valiant effort to restart the download of Tor Browser, but this too does not produce any results that are helpful.

The next step that many people will do is to test their connection to the internet. Despite the fact that the WLAN has full reception, the connection either does not operate at all or works very slowly.

For the Tor Browser download to work: We hope that the following solutions will help you load Tor Browser and speed up the download. If you know of any other possible answers, please leave a comment at the end of this article.

Check If You Can Get Online

There are so many different reasons why Tor Browser won’t load. Most of the time, it’s because of how you connect to the internet. It’s possible that your device is connected to a WiFi network, but it still doesn’t work. Try going to a website on the Internet with your browser to see if that helps. If this works, the problem isn’t with your phone or tablet.

If you try to download the app over the mobile network, which is not recommended because it uses a lot of data, you should check how stable the mobile connection is. Maybe you’ve also used up all of your data, so it’s only available slowly. It’s also possible that the way you’ve set up your phone makes it impossible to download from the mobile network.

In this case, you should check how your phone is set up for mobile data.

Start your phone or tablet over.

When the Android or iOS operating system is updated, there are often problems with the App Store. After the system has been updated, the connection with the login information for each store may no longer work securely. In this case, you should turn off and then back on your phone or tablet. This will reset all settings and functions and, if needed, reconnect you to the App Store.

Check On The Server

If restarting your computer and making sure your internet connection is working didn’t fix the problem and Tor Browser still loads slowly or not at all, the problem could be on the servers of the iTunes Store for iOS or the Google Play Store for Android. 

It shouldn’t be because of the developer’s servers. The Tor Project says that because the app is on the servers of the App Store, it can sometimes get too busy or break down because of maintenance.


According to the information that has been supplied, it is quite likely that the Tor Browser on your Android smartphone is not functioning properly because of an issue with the software, a lack of appropriate hardware, or an erroneous setup. 

To fix the issue, you can attempt to restart your device, download the latest version of the Tor Browser app, or reinstall it. If you are still having trouble after completing these instructions, you can get additional help by contacting the Tor Browser support team.

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