How To Use Tor Browser On Android

How To Use Tor Browser On Android

In this guide on how to use the Android Tor Browser. The Tor Browser is free, open-source software that lets people browse the web privately and safely. This guide will show you how to set up the Tor Browser on your Android device and how to use it. We’ll also talk about some important tips and safety steps you should take when using the Tor Browser. So let’s get started!

Overview Of The Tor Browser 

The Tor Browser is a free, open-source web browser that protects the privacy and anonymity of its users. It is based on Mozilla Firefox and works on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android. It is a changed version of Firefox that already has the security and privacy settings you need to keep your online identity safe. Tor also has extra security features like blocking trackers and scripts and forcing websites to use HTTPS connections. The Tor network is a group of encrypted relays that send your Internet traffic through random computers all over the world. 

This makes it much harder for anyone to keep track of what you do online. When you use the Tor Browser, you can surf the web without anyone knowing who you are. You can also access content that is blocked in your country and keep your data from being tracked or stolen.

Benefits Of Using Tor Browser On Android

The Tor Browser is an open-source browser that prioritizes its users’ privacy and anonymity when surfing the web. It runs on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android and is based on Mozilla Firefox. It’s a forked version of Firefox with all the safety and privacy tweaks you need to keep your identity safe on the internet already applied. Other protections, such as the elimination of scripts and trackers and the insistence that all websites connect through secure HTTPS connections, are also included. 

The Tor network is a collection of computers around the world that function as relays in an encrypted tunnel, making it extremely difficult to trace your online movements. The Tor Browser allows users to remain anonymous online, bypass geo-restrictions, and shield their traffic from surveillance and interception.

Setting Up And Using Tor On An Android Device

1. Go to the Android Platform and download the Tor Browser for Android app.

2. Start the app and click “Connect.”

3. Wait until the link is made.

4. Once all connection is made, you can surf the web without being seen.

5. Go to a site like or to check your IP address. You should see an IP address that is not the same as your own.

6. Go to to make sure your traffic is being sent through the Tor network. It should show you a page that says your traffic is going through the Tor network.

7. You can use the “No Script” add-on to protect yourself even more. This will stop all scripts from running on web pages, which may stop malicious scripts from running.

8. Have fun browsing hidden from view!

How To Download Tor And Set It Up On Your System

1. Download Tor: 

To download the Tor installer file, go to the official Tor Project website, choose your operating system, and then click the Download button.

2. Install Tor: 

After the download is finished, you will need to execute the installer file and follow the on-screen instructions in order to successfully install Tor on your computer.

3. Configure Tor:

Once the installation has been successfully completed, the next step is to setup Tor so that it can be used. To begin the installation process, open the folder containing the Tor browser and then double-click the icon labelled Launch Tor Browser.

4. Setup Tor:

The Tor setup process will ask you to configure the connection by choosing a country and providing the port number. Once you have done this, you will be able to use Tor. After entering your information, make sure to click the “Connect” button.

5. Join Tor: 

When you are finished configuring everything, you can connect to the Tor network by clicking the button that says “Connect.” With the Tor browser, it is now possible to surf the internet in complete secrecy.

Instruction On How To Set Up And Connect To Tor

When you initially launch the browser (on your desktop), you will see the notice that is shown in the following image. In the majority of situations, all you have to do is click the “Connect” button to get started.

On the other hand, if you are currently located in a nation that blocks Tor on a regular basis (for example, Country, China, or Egypt), then it is recommended that you click “Tor Network Settings” first. The software will walk you through configuring your browser in such a way that you will have a less difficult time navigating the online restrictions imposed by your country.

Keep Yourself Safe When Exploring The Dark Web

Users may explore all that the Tor browser has to offer now that they know how to install it on their device. But please proceed with caution, especially if you intend to browse the black web. You can also use our free online anonymity tool to find out more about the information that your device or browser is releasing.


The Android version of the Tor browser is an excellent resource for protecting personal information while browsing the web for a number of reasons:

To protect users’ anonymity while surfing the web, the Tor network encrypts all data sent and received and sends it across several relays.

The browser prevents cookies and trackers from third-party domains, making it harder for websites and marketers to acquire and use users’ personal information without their knowledge and agreement.

The browser’s built-in VPN encrypts all data sent over the internet and sends it via the anonymous Tor network. This makes it harder for other parties to spy on a user’s web browsing habits.

The “dark web,” a section of the internet not indexed by standard search engines, is accessible with this browser.

The browser’s security and privacy settings allow you to do things like block scripts, eliminate identifying information left by the browser, and delete all of your browsing history and cookies.

Users can alter their online experience to meet their individual requirements for privacy and protection.

Display the user’s traffic’s journey through Tor’s network.

The security feature NoScript disables scripts, Java, and other dynamic material.

Resets the user’s IP address and browser history so that they can begin a new session with a fresh identifier.

With HTTPS Everywhere, all of your connections to the sites you visit are encrypted automatically, making your surfing experience safer.

How To Use Tor Browser On Android

How Does Tor Work?

Tor Onion Router is free software that helps people browse the internet without being tracked. It encrypts your traffic and sends it to different relays, also called nodes, which are run by volunteers. Each stop adds another layer of encryption, which is why it’s called an onion.

When you use Tor to browse the internet, nobody can see what you do, connect your browsing to your identity, find out where you are or look through your data. This includes your internet service provider (ISP), the government, hackers, and anyone else who might be interested.

Tor gives users anonymity and lets them access the dark web, which they can’t do with regular browsers. Tor is legal to use in most countries, with the exception of those that are known for censoring and monitoring online activity.


Using the Android Tor Browser is a great way to keep your privacy and security online safe. With its easy setup and user-friendly interface, it’s easy and safe to connect to the internet. The Tor Browser is a great tool to use on your Android device if you want to browse the web anonymously or get to websites and services that may be blocked in your area.

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