How To Make Your Tor Browser Fast

How To Make Your Tor Browser Fast

Do you want your Tor browser to run quicker? If that’s the case, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we will talk about some of the best ways to speed up your Tor browser. If you follow these tips, you’ll get the most out of your Tor browser and be able to browse faster and safer. So let’s get started.

Overview Of How To Make Your Tor Browser Fast

Making your Tor browser faster is essential to ensure a smooth browsing experience. The first step is to adjust the settings of the browser in order to prioritize speed. This can be done by disabling the animations and automatic updates, as well as reducing the disk cache size. Additionally, one should ensure that the browser is running the latest version and also check the system for any malicious software that could be slowing down the connection. 

Finally, one should make sure that the computer is not overburdened with too many programs running in the background, as this can also reduce the speed of the browser. With these steps, users should be able to enjoy a faster and more secure browsing experience with Tor.

How Can I Make My Tor Go Faster?

There are a few things you can do to make your browser run faster.

1. Find Out What’s New With Tor:

Most of the time, the speed problem can be fixed by something small, like updating the browser or changing the version. Open your browser and select options from the drop-down menu that appears. Access the General section by selecting Option from the menu. People frequently check this page for updates. It is also possible to view previous versions of the site. Information updates can be installed automatically, but users also have the option of installing them manually.

2. Create your own bridge relay system by:

 ISPs can slow down traffic and cause delays. Users can get around this rule by adding a bridge relay. Go to the icon for the menu and then to Options. Scroll down to the section about bridges. Here, you can either use a bridge that’s already there or ask Tor for a new one.

3. Reload Tor and use it as a different user

Sometimes, all you need to do is refresh the browser. After you do this, your past and present browser activities can’t be linked together. Go to Menu, scroll down until you see “New Identity,” then click on it.

4. If You Want Better Performance, Do What The Settings Suggest

Changing how Tor is set up can make it go faster. If you keep getting latencies, it’s time to change your browser settings. You can find the Settings option in the Menu. Check the box next to “Use recommended settings for performance.” When the performance settings of your browser are just right, you may be able to enjoy faster speeds.

5. Change the Tor circuit:

Like using Tor for the first time, this option helps you get to websites faster. Some things on a page, like social media buttons, ads, and certain tools, can cause delays that are clear to everyone. You can try to speed up the loading time by refreshing the site and opening it through New Tor Circuit. If you feel stuck, just hit “Refresh” and try a different circuit. This makes Tor a little bit faster.

6. Set Up Your Device And Software For Tor

How fast the browser can work depends on how the device is set up and how the OS is changed. You can do a lot of different things. Is your time zone accurate? Is the date on your computer correct? After you’ve changed these two things, you can move on to anti-malware software. Tor suggests turning off antivirus and firewall software, at least for now. This is because these two things can sometimes slow down the browser.

Why Is Tor So Slow?

Tor works by sending internet traffic through a network of servers, which are also called “nodes” or “relays.” This makes it hard to connect the user’s internet activity to the source of the traffic.

On a regular browser, a device like your phone or laptop talks directly to a web server that you want to visit. Anyone who can track your connection can see what you do online. This includes your Internet service provider, the people who run the sites you visit, the government, and trackers and ads from third parties.

If you use Tor, people who are watching your connection won’t be able to see what websites you visit. It does this by sending your traffic through three random relays in the Tor network. Only the last relay in the circuit called the “exit relay,” sends traffic to the public internet.

Each node in the Tor network encrypts your user data as it moves through it. Each relay only knows where the two nodes that come before and after it is.

This method of keeping your identity secret is called “onion routing.” Each network node “peels” away one layer of encrypted data to find out where the data should be sent next (and the name Tor is from for The Tor Network) 

How To Make Your Tor Browser Fast

How To Safely Use The Tor Browser

  • Tor Browser must always be updated to the most recent version. Whenever a new version of the Tor Browser comes out, make sure to update it as soon as possible. This will make sure you have the safest version of the browser.
  • Turn off Browser: Make sure to turn off JavaScript in your Tor Browser’s settings. This will limit how much information can be gathered about you while you’re browsing.
  • Don’t download anything: Don’t download anything while you’re using the Tor Browser, because it could have malware on it.
  • Don’t connect to sites that require authentication. If you connect to sites that require authentication, like email providers, social media sites, etc., your identity could be revealed.
  • Be aware of phishing or scam websites: Be aware of websites that try to steal your personal information or money.
  • Don’t use the Tor Browser to do anything illegal. If you use the Tor Browser to do something illegal, you could become a target for law enforcement.
  • Don’t use torrents. If you’re using the Tor Browser, don’t use torrents because they can show your IP address.
  • Use a virtual private network (VPN): Using a VPN with the Tor Browser can help protect your identity and data.
  • Use bridges. Bridges can help protect your identity and information by making it harder for attackers to follow you.
  • Be selective when you visit websites. Be careful when you visit websites because some of them may have harmful content or be part of a scam.

How To Use Tor In 3 Easy Steps To Stay Safe

Get a VPN. Because of its high level of security and abundance of privacy options, I advise using ExpressVPN with Tor.

Get Tor here. Make sure you get it from Tor’s official download site and not from a third party for security reasons. You will be able to set it up or connect right away.

Try the Tor Browser. If you want to ensure the highest level of security while using the Tor browser, connecting to a VPN first is a must.

Is It Safe To Use Tor?

When using Tor Browser, you can feel somewhat secure, but only up to a degree. Your data is safe only within the browser itself (not your whole device). Both your Internet service provider and the sites you visit will be unaware of each other’s IP addresses. But, your ISP will still know if you use Tor, which may cause unnecessary suspicion even if you aren’t up to anything nefarious. Also, you are not safe from computer viruses, so downloading anything while using Tor alone can be risky.

Furthermore, there is no way to determine who is behind exit nodes or what their intentions might be. Exit nodes are able to access, modify, and even steal your data. A rogue exit node may even establish an encrypted connection to your server. In this scenario, they might be monitoring your every move on the internet.

Due to these concerns, I recommend pairing The Onion Router with a VPN. A reliable VPN will encrypt all of your traffic using Tor to keep your data safe. In addition, you get a new IP address that is hidden behind a proxy server. Because of this, your surfing sessions will be anonymous and your true location will remain hidden from the Tor network’s nodes.


The Tor Browser is a great way to keep your privacy and security online safe, but it can sometimes be slow. You can speed up your Tor Browser by taking a few simple steps, such as turning off JavaScript, using bridges, and changing your Tor settings. You can make your Tor Browser much faster by making a few small changes. This will let you browse the web more privately and securely.

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